Our Services

Our representation and negotiation skills are designed to ensure that our clients’ interests always come first and that we secure financial security and peace of mind for them and their families. Rewards have never been greater in today’s game and it is so important to have dedicated, trustworthy representation and guidance to ensure that the ‘pitfalls’ and unwanted distractions in the modern game are avoided.

Contract Negotiation and Renegotiation

This is an important part of our service, especially ensuring the player has all the correct elements in his contract and that it reflects his talent, potential and true current market value. It should also afford him security whilst catering for performance and achievement.

Lifestyle management

We feel is vital to the modern player due to their lives being under constant scrutiny and when a player is involved in anything ‘untoward’, naturally it will be highlighted by the media. The younger players can be especially vulnerable to unwanted distractions and all players, have to accept they are role models and must conduct themselves accordingly, thus avoiding any possibility of jeopardising their careers or future.

Financial planning

This is an essential part of a player’s future.  Ensuring the pillar of education is there from the outset with regard to a players’ growing wealth is vital, as some careers can be cut short by injury, whilst other careers can bring vast wealth, which inherently attracts other challenges too.  We provide the support to players to protect their wealth from individuals looking to take it away.  We ensure that our players maximise their wealth and also shelter if for the future, whilst avoiding ‘scams’ that footballers get seduced into investing into.  We can assist with investments, pensions, family trusts, tax planning, property and bespoke insurance for players.  The same applies for the families of the players as well.

Commercial services

Pro-vision can cover a wide range from public relations, sponsorship and legal matters to vehicles, travel, mobile phones, watches and even a bespoke jeweller. These are all comprehensively catered for by our support team of specialists, plus Concierge services provided by the world’s largest Concierge company.


We have as part of our team one of the UK’s top sports journalists who is there to assist our clients in terms of raising their profile and exposure, plus handle any press and media matters or issues.

Fitness and Performance

In order to assist our players in the areas of both fitness and performance, we have a team of specialists who can assist to enhance or improve performance and with such matters as rehabilitation or just general toning and fitness. We also have people who are experts in psychology who can help players with sleep issues or positive thinking before games.

Player welfare

Again this is a very specialised, confidential and sensitive field and we have as part of our support team, qualified specialists who can cater for any of our players potential issues, needs and requirements.