Individual Development Plan

With the restrictions on public gatherings and keeping everyone safe at this tough time, we at Pro-Vision Football are helping our players stay Mentally, Physically and Technically on point.

We have put together a programme of fun challenges that are designed to tend to your needs in all of these 3 areas. This will support players who have not been given programmes by their clubs, and will help give players the edge who have already been given programmes. So this will be in addition to what they already have. The programme can be completed in your home or back/front garden.

Why this programme has been put together

Players all over the world have had to stop playing/training for the safety of themselves and the public. The largest question is how they stay ready for when football resumes. We decided that Pro-Vision’s players needed something that would give them an advantage over everyone else. Public gatherings have been banned by the government with good reason. Which makes it hard for players to train. So we came up with the idea of putting something fun together that was a little different to what most players are doing throughout this period. Once we put the outlines together we spoke to Jamie and asked for his in-put on all the physical aspects of what was needed. Jamie added some valuable points and volunteered to make the videos.

Jamie Atkins- Athlete Performance Coach

Jamie is an Athlete Performance Coach who works as part of the Pro-Vision team to deliver functional based training sessions to our clients. The sessions aim to bridge the gap between pitch and gym based workouts, making sure that our players are as fit, strong, robust as possible as well as reducing the risk of injuries.

Jamie AtkinsA few words from Jamie.
The programme will enable you as footballers to improve both the physical and technical side of your game. By working towards mastering these basic movement drills/patterns you are also working on your balance, body shape, how to use/control your body. It also allows you to work off both feet from a technical point of view. The key to these drills isn’t how fast you do them from the get go, remember quality over quantity. The more competent you get/feel then you can then start to speed things up a little bit.


Psychological– affecting or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person.

Technical – relating to a subject, art, or craft, or its techniques . By doing the drill first without the ball you get a feel for the movements and techniques ready for when you bring a ball in.

Physical – relating to the body as opposed to the mind. Ability to control the body in all given movements (hence why we walk the drill first to get used to the demands placed upon the ankle, knee & hip joints. And to ultimately avoid injury).


A supporting technical video will be sent to show you how to complete the challenge. There will also be additional voice note explaining the challenge. Please do not do anything that will damage your own or parents/carers house.


Players will work through the letters of the alphabet and numbers. This will ask questions of the player and get the Technical, Physical and Psychological (Mental) outcomes needed to keep
them on track for a good start when football resumes. Goalkeepers can do the same challenge and get someone to throw/kick a ball into their hands at pace so they get increased catching practice.

The player will move the ball in the direction of that letter as if they are writing the letter in Uppercase (capital letters).

The sequence will go as follows: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K…and so on and so on until you make it to Z. You can spell out words and work as hard as you feel you need to.

This will be layered and completed without the ball first (just running) and then with the ball.

1. Walking- concentrating on perfect technique in all 3 areas
2. Fast walk first before jogging. Slowly increasing the intensity
3. Jogging- concentrating on perfect technique in all 3 areas
4. 3 quarter pace- concentrating on perfect technique in all 3 areas
5. Full pace- concentrating on perfect technique in all 3 areas

This will increase abilities in the areas below. We have also added them as questions. As this will ensure that you start evaluating performance and further your development.


What different parts of the foot should you be using? How many touches should you be taking minimum/maximum? What is the most efficient turn that you should use when completing today’s task? What should your body shape look like as you approach a turn?


Warm up with some straight line runs with the ball with inside or outside hook turns at the end and then repeat for 5-10. Distances may vary depending on the space that you have.

Speed – Can you take the smallest amount of time to complete each individual challenge with the best technique?

Agility – Can you change direction as quickly as possible?

Acceleration – How quick can you go from standing or slow to fast?

Deceleration – How quickly can you go from Fast to slow or maybe even stop?

Proprioception – What should your body shape look like as you approach a turn? What are the main muscles being used?

Stretches – Research some stretches yourself on Youtube etc… or ask someone you may regard as a professional for some stretches if you do not have many. How would you best protect yourself when manoeuvring ?


Concentration – Being able to focus on the task at hand, even when there are distractions. When fatigue kicks in how will you stay focused to complete the task.

Confidence – Being able to complete the task without fear and express yourself. The more repetitions you complete and the better the technique then come game time it will become second nature.

Mental toughness – Being brave enough to try again even if things didn’t go to plan the last time.

Reflection – Being able to look at your own performance, see where things were not at the brilliant best and put them right.