We are confident that our academy will develop and produce some of the stars of the future

At Pro-Vision we know it is crucial to have the right grounding at an early age and our aim is to guide young footballers on their journey to become professional footballers.

In return for the commitment from those who demonstrate significant potential, we offer:

  • Dedicated Playing Profiles
  • Dedicated Development Plans
  • 6-Week Development Reviews
  • 24/7 Support from the Pro-Vision Team, who have an abundance of experience to share
  • Guidance on social media use
  • In-house strength and conditioning

Once connected to Pro-Vision, we will provide a holistic package tailored to individual needs to support young players from the beginning to the end of their footballing career but it doesn’t stop there, we also have experts who can offer post-career advice.

Unlike some agencies, Pro-Vision provides support for the whole family as we believe the commitment needed to achieve professional footballer status doesn’t solely come from the players.

Testimonials from parents of our Academy Players

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Kevin Grealish, father of Jack Grealish (Aston Villa and England) says:
“I’m happy to endorse and recommend Mick Murray to parents and players. I’ve known Mick since he signed Jack for Aston Villa, aged six. Over the years, Mick has advised us on Jack’s football development and advised me on all academy contracts, rules and regulations. After all these years, Mick and I still talk and I know he is always there for me and my family”
Liz Raine, parent of one of our Academy players says:

“Mick Murray has had an extremely positive impact on Max’s outlook regarding his future in the game. Mick is someone Max respects and they are beginning to develop a great relationship whereby Max feels comfortable to discuss any footballing issues he might have. Most recently his advice to Max regarding an injury was invaluable in helping Max recover after what appeared a lengthy period away from training and playing. He’s now learned that part of his development is to accept setbacks as well as achievements.

Since signing with Pro-Vision in September, Mick has met with Max and our family twice at our home. This has enabled a safe and comfortable environment to discuss his progress to date and create a development plan for the way forward. Mick is always honest, will provide constructive feedback and always available to discuss any concerns we, as parents, may have. Whenever I message him, he replies or calls me back within the hour, any day of the week. We are in regular contact regarding fixtures and when he’s had scouts watching him.

This is an exciting time for Max, especially as he’s looking to secure a good scholarship with a club in the very near future and we are confident and happy in the knowledge that Pro-vision Football Academy is by our side to offer their expert advice throughout this period. Exciting times and delighted and honoured for Max to have been signed with the Academy"